‘Leadership is action, not position’


The second step of “Shabash Pakistan” espousing the theme ‘leadership is action not position’, took off at the fourth anniversary of Fatima Jinnah Women University on January 3. Around 500 future leaders of the country took their first step into action by formulating a contribution plan based on problems they identified. The nation building campaign aims to translate the programme to the grass root level through ‘social action projects’.
“Shabash Pakistan” is an initiative of the School of Leadership. The movement aims to revive patriotism and ‘Pakistaniyat’ in the youth to inculcate a sense of contribution in future leaders. This will create a positive image of Pakistan at national and international levels through social action projects. “Shabash Pakistan” is a series of three one-day sessions to be carried out in NUST, Bahria, Air University and Fatima Jinnah Women University, over three months.
Participants were taken through an exercise in self awareness to help them realise their potential as individuals and the difference they could make in society. Umair Jaliawala, a trainer, gave them new bench marks by giving examples of successful leaders in the country and abroad. The seminar shifted focus towards Pakistan by encouraging participants to start thinking as Pakistanis first. They were given different tasks and exercises to strengthen their bond with the country and internalise their identity as Pakistanis.
They were told to shun blame games and switch off the justification mode, and start making a difference on a personal level to ignite a movement for transformation in society. These efforts will then provide the foundation for the next session’s theme, “Hum”.
The School of Leadership is known for pioneering the training industry in Pakistan. They aim to provide a platform for individuals to discover and utilise their abilities to better their lives through conscious endeavour to favourably impact their families, organisations, communities and society.


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