Establishment not backing Qadri: PM


In the wake of Dr Tahirul Qadri’s announcement to carry out a long march, the federal cabinet on Thursday chalked out its strategy to deal with any post-march situation.
Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf informed the cabinet that he believed that establishment was not behind Dr Qadri.
After the cabinet meeting, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira told reporters Qadri’s long march was not on agenda of the cabinet, a source told Pakistan Today that most of the PPP ministers expressed grave concern over the objectives of Dr Qadri and said that the party leadership should deal with the matter cautiously.
“A senior member of the cabinet said if Qadri started a march from Lahore and he was not blocked en route to Islamabad, not only the followers of Qadri, but other people who are sick of the PPP’s mis-governance will also join the march which could surmount the government’s preparations,” he also said.
Source said that though the cabinet members looked concerned, the prime minister looked calm and said that the federal and Punjab governments would devise a joint strategy to deal with the issue.
“The cabinet resolved that for the time being, the PPP leaders must launch an awareness campaign to reveal the real face of Dr Qadri who was a compulsive liar and also was trying to fool the masses,” he added.
Briefing the media on the federal cabinet’s meeting, Kaira acknowledged the services of military and judiciary, but added that both the institutions have no role to play when it comes to constitutional legislation.
Kaira said it would be unfair to drag the institutions into politics, which had to go through great trouble to dissociate them from this ‘business’.
He told reporters that the meeting discussed nothing in connection with the long march. However, to questions in this regard, Kaira accused Tahirul Qadri of playing double politics. “On one hand he (Qadri) speaks in favour of the constitution, on the other hand hr deviates the same,” the minister said.
He advised Dr Qadri to first get his party registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan and then put forward his suggestions. Kaira said he could not disclose the government’s strategy over the long march, but added that security of Islamabad’s citizens was the state’s responsibility. The province concerned would provide security to the people on the routes through which the participants of the rally will pass, he added.
He said the cabinet meeting expressed serious concern on the issue of gas shortage in the country and formed a committee, comprising of three ministers, to resolve it. The cabinet also approved several agreements with other countries. Kaira said Dr Tahirul Qadri was not discussed during the meeting.
He added that current assemblies would complete their constitutional tenure till March 16, and general elections would be held from May 16. He said that Tahirul Qadri should contact Election Commission of Pakistan six month earlier when electoral reforms were being made in the country. He declared that only Parliament has right of law making.
He said that those who wanted to become Tehrir Square in Islamabad should learn lesson from PPP who rendered most sacrifices. Kaira said that it has not yet decided that any delegation would dialogue with Tahir ul Qadri. He said that if Qadri wants electoral reforms then he should first get register his party and informs EC about his electoral reforms.


  1. Dr. Qadri is proving right day by day…
    1) From where money came for 23rd December…..people showed it by donating 70 crores in 60 Minutes…
    2) Dr. Qadri is on establishment agenda….which is proved by the statements or PM and COAS…
    3) Dr. Qadri is on international establishment mission….Whenever international forces are concerned their media like BBC and CNN shouts to much, which we are not able to find till yet…
    I think its a genuine movement and Pakistani nation wants CHANGE now…!!!

  2. Dear Friends,,,All of you should be clear that Dr Qadri has raised voice for the rights of 18 crore people of Pakistan,,he is not struggling for any Prime Minister ship nor he is a candidate for the Elections,,he is making efforts to bring Reforms in Electoral Process so that no party can make pre poll rigging ,, no party can manipulate the results,, further any one which is Honest , Trustworthy , Intelligent can participate in elections and deliver to his abilities in the Parliament of Pakistan for the well being of Pakistan,,,unfortunately Elections has been conducting since 65 years and people have been voting too but the people are not being benefited,,people are instead not able to live with Peace Harmony and Security ,, people are deprived of Health Education and Justice ,, basic necessities of life are not assured to the big majority of People in Pakistan,, the provision of basic necessities of life is a prerequisite in the democratic countries but not here in Pakistan,, so we come to conclusion that Just Elections are not solution to our problems but we need Reforms in our Democratic and Electoral Process,, In my view Dr Qadri is raising voice to bring Reforms and his agenda is very loud and clear and there is no ambiguity in his thoughts,, political parties which are joining are supporting his agenda ,, when Reforms will be brought all political parties will be filtered,, and of course all political parties will be benefited and all Pakistan as well,,so we should support and appreciate Dr Qadri for showing the courage to challenge this corrupt and monopolistic Electoral System.You have 100% right to disagree with me,, I welcome your criticism.

    Rehan Ahsan

  3. Dear friends:
    Dr tahir ul qadri are fight for the rights of people . And he want to change the system of politics. They no wants curruption, decivilization, poverty and low image of atomic power pakistan on the world.

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