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PCSN condemns killing of Swabi NGO workers

The Pakhtunkhwa Civil Society Network (PCSN) on Wednesday condemned killing of NGO workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and demanded compensation for the victims’ families. Representatives of various non-governmental organisations were of the view that the civil society and charity workers were attacked in various parts of the province in the last couple of weeks and 11 NGO workers had been killed so far, adding eight of them had been females. The PCSN urged all stakeholders to unite and raise their voice against such inhuman acts. The latest attack occurred in Swabi on Tuesday when unidentified armed men gunned down seven workers of a local NGO, Ujala. The PCSN said unless the civil society did not pressurise the authorities to halt this barbarism, such attacks would not cease. “It is true that our voice is meagre and the state is not performing its duty to protect the citizens, but we still have to stand up and foil the nefarious designs of anti-state elements that are bent upon destroying the fabric of civil society,” the body said. The participants said, “We all have to strengthen our voice otherwise we will perished,” speaker Idress Kamal said, adding that protest demonstrations needed to be staged to make known their plight to the country and the world.

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