DC directs FGEHF to expedite development work in Sector G-14


Representatives of allottees of the Federal Government Housing Foundation (FGEHF) in Sector G- 14 on Wednesday expressed concern regarding the slow pace of work, due to which Deputy Commissioner (DC) Amer Ali Ahmed directed the FGEHF to enforce a strict monitoring mechanism in line with project schedules.
Progress of the development work in Sector G-14 was reviewed at a high level meeting chaired by the DC. The meeting was attended by representatives of allotees, FGEHF officials, National Construction Limited officials, the Revenue Department and ICT administration.
Representatives of the National Construction Ltd said most development work had been completed at the cost of Rs 50 million and further development was underway. The DC asked FGEHF officials to form a transparent mechanism for the smooth clearance of bills vis-à-vis the development work, and said the payment procedure should be transparent.
He directed FGEHF to expedite the work on ground. Representatives of allottees shared concern regarding the progress of work, and DC directed the FGEHF to enforce a strict monitoring mechanism in line with project schedules.
The foundation was advised to review the progress of work daily and hold bimonthly meetings with allottees. The allottees requested the administration of Islamabad to monitor the process and the DC appointed the District Collector as a focal person in this regard.
The National Construction Ltd said that development at the site was being carried out in a smooth manner and they faced no resistance from locals. The DC directed the FGEHF and the National Construction to intimate the police about security problem and register cases against those who may create hurdles.
As the site has been handed over to the National Construction for development, it is expected that the housing foundation will pursue the matter effectively with their contractor for timely completion of the project.
The National Construction Ltd was advised to hire private guards for protection of their materials and machinery.
Agencies said that a survey of the remaining BUP will require three months but the DC directed them to complete it within a month. He told the FEGHF to take up the matter with the Pak PWD and assign 10 teams for this purpose. The allottees expressed their satisfaction and appreciated the efforts of the administration and the housing foundation.