Regime change at Aitchison


Punjab Governor Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmud on Tuesday dissolved the Board of Governors of the Aitchison College, removed the incumbent principal Dr Muhammad Hafeez and reappointed Shamim Saifullah Khan as the principal of the prestigious educational institution, Pakistan Today has learnt.
This change came shortly after the new governor took oath. The previous principal had been appointed by the former governor Latif Khosa in March last year.
Sources close to the governor confirmed the news that a new four-member Board of Governors would be announced soon, with one member from each province. The governor also appointed Asim Ali Bukhari as headmaster of the senior school.
Sources further revealed that the governor being a former Aitchisonian took the decision to “improve the standard of education” at his alma mater. They further said that the governor also contacted UK High Commissioner Adam Thomson asking for a foreign principal. However, better sense prevailed and Shamim was considered for reappointment as principal.
Sources privy to the development revealed that a lot of irregularities surfaced during the four years Shamim was out of office. “A lot of irregularities regarding the admissions also came to surface, while the educational standards severely declined,” a source maintained.
Talking to Pakistan Today, Shamim Saifullah Khan confirmed his reappointment. “We have to put so many things in order and our vision is to revive the spirit of the prestigious school,” he said.


  1. Its going to be a great change. In fact Aitchison had turned to shambles after mr shamim. I wish him all the very best.

  2. This is a bloody joke…a third rate student (check the record) appointing (or should I say re-appointing) the principal who is touching 80(?)? (Make him the ECP chairman, not pricipal). Three months down there will be a new governor who will do the same i.e. change the principal. This is a bloody joke on the institution. The change needed is to get rid of the Gov of Punjab as the dictator on this.

    (To be fair I will add the last one, Dr. Muhammed Hafeez, appointed by the former governor Latif Khosa in March last year did nothing but log miles all over the world under the excuse of "studying the education systems of other countries". He too should have never been put in that position…He was a "khandani mansoba bandi" expert for god's sake….)

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