Prisons minister gives glowing report of Punjab govt’s success


Punjab Minister for Prisons Malik Iqbal Channar on Sunday said every effort will be made to transform Pakistan into a country that Jinnah envisioned. Speaking to various delegations at his residence, he said that the Punjab government had utilised all resources to ensure a better quality of life for citizens, adding that people would elect Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in the upcoming general elections based on their performance. Channar further said that a new modern hospital constructed at a cost of Rs 3 billion in Bahawalpur would become functional next month. Moreover, the minister said that for the first time in the history of Cholistan, farms had been constructed at a cost of Rs 50 million and steps were also being taken for resolving the water problem of Cholistan. Furthermore, he said that 20,000 green tractors had been distributed among small farmers in Punjab through a subsidy of Rs 6 billion. The provincial minister said that 70,000 teachers had been recruited in the province on merit. He said a policy of transparency and merit was being implemented strictly in the province, adding the politics of ‘Biradari’ was being put to an end. He said PML-N believed in serving the needy and the oppressed and would continue to uphold the mission if they were elected in the next election.


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