Training youths to guarantee better future


The Resource Generation and Outreach Department (RGO) of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) organised the certificate awarding ceremony for the 31st batch of student volunteer programme.
On this occasion, Prof Adibul Hasan Rizvi commented that proper training of the volunteers was integral for the bright future of Pakistan. Prof Adib Rizvi said during the training these students were taught the basic core principles of community service and at this phase of life if they have learned to understand the problems, plight and ailments of others then definitely they will make the dream of a prosperous Pakistan come true.
He expressed confidence that what we have not been able to do, this generation will accomplish. “I am proud of these students and appeal to the society to encourage the philanthropic work done by them.” Dr Anwar Naqvi highlighted the importance and the impact generated by the programme. A healthy society is conducive and imperative for the success and progress of a nation.
In the programme, he said the volunteers were briefed about various medical departments by the respective doctors and were also imparted patient care and first aid training. The students were advised to conform to the guidelines set out for patient medical care and were informed about the facilities offered by SIUT OPDS, radiology, clinical laboratory, dialysis, transplantation, lithotripsy and other medical/surgical services. Under this current batch, 129 students from various schools participated and to date total 3,546 students have been trained. RGO Chairperson Madam Kishwer Zehra conveyed her message that these children are the leaders of the future from whom several Abdul Sattar Edhis and numerous Adib Rizvis shall rise.
She added that human behavior is a true reflection of a society’s virtues and vices. Community service not only refines the person but also provides solace and peace in life. Though voluntary work, love and empathy are God gifted; training polishes the entire personality. She informed that during training, the volunteer students while tending to the medical care and needs of the patients become so involved with them that the patients forget about their worries-a fact that should be highly encouraged. She mentioned that some students have devoted more than 2000 hours of community volunteer services. The ceremony was attended by a large number of parents, teachers and students. Representatives of the student volunteers speaking on this occasion said that due to this program they have learned how to help others.­