Taliban execute 21 kidnapped paramilitary soldiers


Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan executed 21 soldiers kidnapped during an attack on a checkpost on Thursday near Peshawar, a private TV channel reported.
According to reports, bodies of the paramilitary soldiers were dumped in Hassn Khel, Peshawar. Their hands were tied with the ropes before shooting them dead.
Local Jirga members were sent to retrieve the bodies while families have been informed about the incident.
Only one was found wounded who was admitted to a hospital while another managed to escape.
It is pertinent to mention that TTP commander Hakimullah Mehsud had said a day ago that the Taliban were willing to negotiate a ceasefire while refusing to disarm.


  1. Inna Lillah hay wa Inna alay hay rajayoon.

    Election in Pakistan asap with the hope of getting a stable and a loyal government for Pakistan and then go all out for those who have little respect for the law and have such murderous intentions backed up by heinous actions of the kind perpetrated in this case.

  2. We don't know why our security agencies and government is progressively failing against these enemies of muslims and our country. We don't know about any secret dealings…….

  3. The Pakistan govt severely criticized the NATO forces when they accidentally killed 24 troops along the border of Afganistan…today the Taliban have intentionally murdered 24 Pakistani soldiers and have bombed two buses killing 24 more people….we're is the strong condemnation of the Taliban?….when will you attack the real enemy of Pakistan?

    • 200 of our soldiers were also taken prisoner and than beheaded….do not forget this also…the generals and officers are not bothered about it…nor we try to remember them…..

  4. That's not acceptable. Its condemnable on the part of TTP. Hardly a day has passed when TTP leadership offered for negotiation that they have myrtered 21 soldiers. Surprisingly there is not remorse or condemnation from political leadership. Political leadership is showing cold shoulder to this gory incident as if nothing has happened.


  5. Sometimes back CIA decided to recruit agents from the street of Pakistan instead of just relying on Top leadership. That outreach policy is obviously paying them rich dividends.

  6. All tribal areas should be converted into settled areas. Borders with Afghanistan should be sealed.Strategic depth should be sought in economy of the country. In next decade all sorts of industry be established in Tribal areas with a lot of Pakistanis being given incentives to settle in their. That is the best way to integrate the tribal population into the mainstream. To my mind ( which of course is not at all tribal) the tribes should have no objection to that. When they can settle anywhere in Pakistan; why can't the other Pakistanis go and settle in their areas?.

  7. Let us grow poppy, generate money and buy us some agents in US senate. I fancy that…. our agencies out on a shopping spree in American Senate…..wow. Don't take me wrong. Everyone has a price in capitalist world. If Jews can buy them; why can't we?… just random thoughts.

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