Crime rate surged during 2012


The crime rate in Rawalpindi city has surged this year despite sweeping claims regarding strict security arrangements by the authorities.

According to statistics collected by APP in this regard, around 1,050 vehicles and 760 motorcycles were stolen in 2012, compared to 1,255 vehicles and 805 motorcycles stolen in 2011. However recovery of these vehicles remained very slow this year.

Statistics showed that despite the presence of 20 police check-posts at entry and exit points of the city, there was no let up in the crime rate and there were frequent reports of crimes including murders, attempted murders, kidnappings for ransom, robberies and street crimes. More than 4,500 similar cases were registered in the city this year while stolen items were recovered in 300 cases only.

The total number of cases recorded in 2012 was over 17,000. Around 255 murder cases were registered during the year while 12 persons were killed during robberies. A total of 490 attempted murder cases were also registered in 2012.

The Rawalpindi Police registered 3,127 cases against drug peddlers and liquor was recovered in 205 cases. Around 2,200 cases were also registered on the recovery of illegal weapons.

Several crimes in different areas also went unreported.

The Rawalpindi Regional Police Officer had shuffled several SHOs in response to the rise in crime but no significant improvement had been seen so far.

According to the City Police Officer (CPO) efforts were being made to control crime in the city. He said senior police officers had been directed to regularly monitor the situation and performance of police officials. “All available resources are being utilised to control crime and foolproof security arrangements have been made in public places,” he added.

Solid steps to change the traditional ‘thana’ culture and improve the image of the police have also been taken, he said.

The CPO said ‘Khuli Kutcharies’ were being held regularly to address grievances.

Stressing the need for concerted efforts, he said people should come forward to play their due role as joint efforts by law enforcement agencies and the general public will have to be made to eliminate crime from the society.

It is the responsibility of police officers to act in accordance with the law and strict action is being taken against negligent police officials he said.