Imran Khan politically unbalanced, unreliable, says Pervez Rasheed | Pakistan Today

Imran Khan politically unbalanced, unreliable, says Pervez Rasheed

Senator Pervez Rashid has termed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan as politically unbalanced and unreliable, adding that Imran was busy accumulating cronies of past dictators.
Reacting to Imran’s recent statement, Pervez in his recent statement had said that all those vying for political empowerment through dictators and agencies had been duly exposed in front of the masses.
“Imran’s political support also stems from a dictator’s efforts, and that is the (precise) reason many active members of the PTI have abandoned him”, Pervez expressed. Senator Pervez said that Imran’s dictatorial attitude could be well discerned by the way he threatened government machinery during his rallies, adding that Imran was equally disturbed by the rising popularity of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), which was mirroring his forthcoming defeat.
He also resolved that the PML-N never believed in politics of revenge, and was rather embarked on its policy of “politics for services to masses”. Later, he cited all development work carried out by the Punjab government.

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  1. khan said:

    pakistan today could u plz stop printing this goofy statements on paper he is a morona at highest order

    • Jazba-e-Janoon said:

      @ khan – Totally agree with you – IK is an absolute "m*or*on" – his statements should not get any space in the media.

      • Muhammad Ameer said:

        well if u see other people he is a lot better then nawaz and zardari.. ur leaders have ruled for more then 25 years and when u people get unjustice u say bad to pakistan.
        the most illetrate people of humankind are u pakis.
        f u c k u pakistan and in sha allah zaradri will remain same at the presidency and prime minister nawaz sharif and then in sha allah pakistan will be finished. u desereve hatred
        f u c k pakistan

        • khan said:

          ameer read my reply below thanks iwrote about moron perviz rasheed read the statement who is saying?dont look the photo

      • khan said:

        dear janoon if u read the statement is given by perviz rasheed i wrote about him u need to go danish school by the way

        • Jazba-e-Janoon said:

          I need not to go in any Danish school because i think schools here in England are much better source of education. Well my comments are actually for your beloved Chairman Mr. Imran Khan Niazi – ohh am sorry to mentioned his acronym "M*o*r*o*n*.

          • khan said:

            well my comments r for ur beloved perviz rasheed and hair transplant leader MR NAWAZ sharif both r goofy i know u come on zem tv too u got kicked there will be kick here too

          • Muhammad Ameer said:

            u better stay in england and try to be british. polish their shoes like ur leader does in uk. u deserve slavery

      • Saji said:

        Amazing how someone from UK will be making comments like that about Imran. I'm from Uk and majority of EDUCATED people are in favour of Imran. PPP and PML supporters are slapheads and Chavs, I suppose Jazba comes under that category.

  2. Naeem said:

    Imran is politically balanced and reliable! I trust him and wish him all the best.

  3. abbhi said:

    we need such politically unbalanced and unreliable leader like IK. We does't need zardari, nawaz, fazlu, bhai and bacha type leaders anymore.

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