‘Elite class’ of beggars make Islamabad their home | Pakistan Today

‘Elite class’ of beggars make Islamabad their home

A new class of beggars, better to say an elite class, has emerged at Jinnah Super Market who are annoying visitors by demanding no less than twenty to fifty rupees and have been seen returning five or ten rupees notes.
The visitors of this market had to face a large number of these beggars during evening hours, usually considered a rush hour at the market. Surprisingly there was no one who could halt them from disturbing the visitors.
These elite beggars were aged between five to 25 years and hanged around freely at Jinnah Super Market.
Among these beggars, minor aged children were usually boys whereas the infants were mostly female. Some of these female beggars were also seen holding children in their arms.
Furthermore, these beggars had evolved a unique quality that when someone asked questions about them or their background, they ignored such queries and kept repeating the words “please give us twenty rupees, we have not eaten any thing”.

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