‘Govt deliberately worsening situation to delay elections’


Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hassan has said the law and order of the country in general and Karachi in particular was being deteriorated deliberately to postpone the elections.
In an statement issued on Wednesday, he expressed deep sorrow over the massacre in Karachi and life attempt on Maulana Aurangzeb Farooqui. “It was a pre-planned move to worsen the condition in the financial hub of Pakistan so that the killers and extortionists may be given a chance to fulfill their malicious agenda,” he said.
The JI chief said it was a matter of great concern that the state of affairs were rapidly heading downhill.
The killings and robberies in Karachi had increased manifold.
“Death is dancing in every nook and corner of the city and terror and fear grip the citizens. Those behind the bloodbath are sitting in the lap of the PPP and the government is making every effort to hide their wrongdoings.” He said the government only claimed holding timely elections but as a matter of fact, it did not move even an inch towards the polls.
“If someone tries to prevent the electoral process, it would result in large scale chaos in the country. The people will not give up their right to elect their representatives,” JI leader added.
Hassan said ethnic groups could read their defeat on the walls and were so creating hindrances in the way of drafting transparent electoral rolls and delimitation, even on the orders of the Supreme Court. He asked President Zardari how long he would sit like an idol over terrorism by allowing open space to those who had eaten away the roots of Pakistan.