Number of kidney patients multiplying at city’s hospitals


The number of kidney patients has increased manifold in the federal capital due to lack of awareness and delay in proper medication.
According to data available with Online, a total of 7,549 kidney patients received dialysis in 2011 from one of the major hospitals of the federal capital called the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). Importantly this number had increased this year to over 8,000 patients, most of whom were continuously receiving dialysis.
During an exclusive interview with this agency, PIMS Head of the Nephrology Department Dr Ghias-ud-Din Butt said that early management of the disease could secure the patients from dialysis process.
He said diabetes was the main cause behind kidney diseases and it had contributed a lot in increase of such patients. Besides, high blood pressure, malaria, yellow fever, over consumption of medicines and physical injury were also the important contributors in the spread of kidney disorder.
Dr Ghias stated that individuals in the age bracket of 25 to 50 years were more vulnerable to kidney disease.
Meanwhile, he informed that feeling tired, presence of blood and protein in urine, shortness of breath and water retention were the basic symptoms of the disease. He further said that any person experiencing such symptoms should contact professional Nephrologists immediately.