Don’t blame films for rapes, says director Bela Sehgal


Do explicit movie scenes and double-meaning songs and dialogues incite sexual violence? Many think so. But most directors in the Hindi film industry don’t agree. Director of “The Dirty Picture” Milan Luthria feels that it is not correct to blame films for such rape and related crimes. “I think it is unfair to make such an allegation about movies and songs. I take great offence. We need to look at our society and culture and how we live. Let’s focus on real issues,” Luthria told IANS. Giving a woman’s perspective, “ Shirin Farhad ki Toh Nikal Padi” director Bela Sehgal feels it is important to inculcate a feeling of respect for women in boys from a young age. “How can you rape a woman when it is a woman who gives birth to you,” she said. Even though Sehgal feels that movies are a reflection of the society, they can’t be blamed for brutal sexual crime. “Films are a reflection of how our society is. But I have not seen such a gruesome rape in any film. It is very shocking, but I don’t think films can be blamed,” she said. Of course, violence and murders shown on the screen give ideas to people. Those who raped the 23-year-old in Delhi were psychopaths, she said.


  1. Mr Milan Luthria how can you show a woman like that who gives birth ,takes care and teaches what life is.Every child learns from outside world ,from friends tv movies.If you show only good form where will they learn bad ,not form their mother you idiot

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