Bid foiled to smuggle goods worth Rs 50m


Customs Intelligence and Investigation has foiled a smuggling bid valuing over Rs 50 million and confiscated five trucks loaded with clothes and other miscellaneous items.
According to official sources, the smuggling was being attempted under the grab of “Afghan Transit Trade”.
The seized goods consisted of approximately 225,000 yards of arts silk clothing, 630 new and used television sets, 32 split air conditioners, 210 used tyres and other goods valuing over Rs 42 million.
Likewise, the value of the five seized trucks was believed to be approximately Rs 6 million. Examination of trucks by the customs officials had revealed that seized goods were stamped with “in transit to Afghanistan” seals.
Meanwhile, one smuggler was arrested and efforts were underway to identify and apprehend the handlers and facilitators of the heinous crime.
Thorough investigations have already been initiated to bring to the fore the real culprits of the crime.
According to details, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation was tipped off earlier that the smugglers would try to smuggle huge quantities of foreign produced clothes and other miscellaneous goods in vehicles bearing registration numbers P-8475, P-9514, C-2177, LOK 6973 and LYM 2288 to Lahore through the motorway.
The anti smuggling operation was a joint effort of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Islamabad and Model Customs Collectorate, Islamabad.
The smugglers travelling in vehicles were armed with heavy weapons and initially put up a strong resistance. When reinforcement from the customs and the local police was sent, they retreated from the scene leaving behind five trucks full of smuggled goods.


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