‘Aik Ghazal’: Book on world’s lengthiest Ghazal launched


Book launching ceremony of Aik Ghazal, the longest Urdu ghazal, held at the Karachi Press Club Saturday evening.
Consisting of 30 thousand verses, the Aik Ghazal is written by Pirzada Ashique Keranvi., and claimed to be a record-breaking longest poetic creation ever written in Urdu in form of a Ghazal. In an exclusive book launching ceremony, Pirzada Ashique Keranvi, including many other distinguished Urdu poets, writers and literary personalities like Saba Ikram, Ikram-ul-Haq Shoq, Ms. Zibunnisa Zaibi, Sharf-e-Alam and Dr. Javed Manzer addressed on the occasion.
In his address, Saba Ikram said, “Pirzada Ashique Keranvi is not only one of the country’s most prolific poetic figures, but also belongs to those of international poets who have written remarkable long-lasting poetry”. “Pirzada Ashique Kairanvi is author of many books but most of his works are still unpublished due to severe lack of support and un-acknowledgement. At the moment, he is already drowned into oblivion and leading a quite miserable life at the very corner of the metropolitan, thus we need to at least save his works before being sold out as mere wastepaper to junkman. Being true blue Pakistanis, it’s a matter of pride for all us to have a person like him, and it’s also the right time to save his contribution. I believe, paying due attentions to this great poet will be a great favour to our Urdu language as well”, Saba Ikram said.
Speaking on the occasion, Sharf-e-Alam said, “When it comes to the usage of traditional poetic expressions enriched with deep-rooted exhibit of Divine Love along with depiction of prevalent miseries of the general populace, Pirzada Ashique Kairanvi is second to none in contemporary world of Urdu literature. He has got an amazing mastery over Urdu language, which is all depicted in his poetry. Even, no poet of his calibre can be found in India, which takes pride in being the motherland of Urdu language”.
Pirzada Ashique Kairanvi is a Karachi-based Urdu poet having a number of books and other publications on his credit i.e. Quaid ke hazoor, and masnavi tulo-e-sahar. Apart from producing his own poetic works, Mr. Kairanvi has also complied poetry of all other great poets like Sahir Ludhianvi and Shauket Lakhnavi. Having written around one-million Urdu verses, the legendary Pirzada Ashique Kairanvi can be regarded as the most prolific poet, and his latest masterpiece titled as ‘Aik Ghazel’ happens to be the world’s largest poetic contribution ever produced in the subcontinent.


  1. Aik Ghazal by pirzada Ashique Keranvi indeed a great work in world literature history.
    It must be appreciated on each platform which relates to the Literature and poetry all over the world.

    • A very rear kind of work done by Pirzada Ashique Karanvi…He is the great poet pf this era. No doubt about this

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