Taxi fare explodes out of proportion in capital


Burgeoning taxi fares have become a big problem for the masses in the federal capital due to the shortage of proper public transport facilities on different routes. People had been using taxis as a substitute source of travelling to reach their respective destinations.
Taxi drivers were approximately charging Rs 25 per kilometre in normal situations.
However, if Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) was not available, they would charge according to their own will. In addition to this, there was no functioning metre system in almost all the taxis plying on the roads of the twin cities, while fare charts were not displayed by taxi drivers in their vehicles.
Meanwhile, passengers said that taxi drivers were charging fares according to petrol prices, when in fact almost all taxis were converted to CNG. Similarly, taxi drivers had been known to charge double fare from the commuters at night time.
A passenger named Saima said that female had to face a lot of problems while bargaining with taxi drivers as only front seats were made available for women in public transport which was no less than a joke.


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