Murad wins DWP Golf Title at Royal Palm


A total of 73 keen golf players and corporate leaders took part in the DWP Corporate Golf Tournament supported and backed by DWP, Xerox, Dell, EMC and APC that concluded at the par 72 Royal Palm Golf Course yesterday. Whereas quite a few accomplished ones of the corporate world added color to the occasion by their presence, their swings were rusty enough to cause inaccurate hitting and though they were good in patches, the scores did reflect hiccups and prevented them from ending up as winners. However there were others who produced quality golf to add golfing sparkle to the competition and amongst the front runners were accomplished ones like Sardar Murad,Azfar Hassan,Shoaib Bokhari,Faisal Ali Malik and Jawed Mohiuddin.
Sardar Murad was steady all through the 18 holes and never relented, his control over his shot making certainly laudable.It was this control that gave him a winning score of gross 76,and he was the rightful winner of the DWP trophy.Others who did well in the gross section of handicap category 0 to 9 were Azfar Hassan and Shoaib Bokhari of Together We Golf.Azfar won the 2nd gross position and Shoaib Bokhari came third.
In the net section in handicap category 0 to 9,the first net was captured by Faisal Ali Malik with a net score of 69.The runner up was Asad Amin Sheikh of Quiz and Shoaib Shams of E2E.
There was also a competition for participants in the handicap category 10 to 18 and the gross winner in this category turned out to be Dr.Nasrullah, with Farooq Khan second and Salman Cheema third. Performers in the net section were Jawad Mohiuddin (first net), Tajjamal Hussain (2nd net) and Atta Mohiuddin (third net).
At the conclusion of the DWP Golf tournament, winners were given prizes by EMC Country Manager Usman Khan and Farooq Nasim of DWP Group.