Man kills brother-in-law, injures three others over domestic dispute


A man allegedly gunned down his brother in-law and injured three others, including two women, over a domestic dispute on Sunday. According to details, Parvaiz’s wife started living with her parents after she had a quarrel with the former. On Sunday, Parvaiz visited his in-laws and asked his wife to come back home with him, to which she refused.
Enraged, Parvaiz left the house and returned a few hours later with four friends. The accused barged into the house and started indiscriminate firing at the residents; injuring Razia Bibi, Parvaiz’s mother-in-law, Jameela Bibi, sister-in-law and Muhammad Arshad and Allah Ditta, Parvaiz’s brother-in-laws.
The injured were rushed to a hospital where Allah Ditta succumbed to his wounds.
The police registered a case against the accused and his companions, however, no arrests have been made.