Govt set to remove PMDC chief to pave way for Dr Asim’s induction


The government is all set to remove Dr Sibtul Hassnain, president of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), from his office on account of various allegations against him. National Regulations and Services (NRS) Secretary Imtiaz Inayat Elahi has issued show-cause notice to Dr Hassnain, demanding a reply from the latter within seven days and threatening him with removal from service without holding any inquiry. Sources said Dr Asim Hussain – PM’s adviser on petroleum who runs a range of medical colleges and hospitals in the private sector and is vice president of the PMDC – was eager to be appointed the PMDC president. The show-cause notice issued to the incumbent president is being seen as the first step towards paving the way for induction of Dr Asim Hussain as president. NRS Deputy Secretary Maqsood Ahmad had sent a letter to the PMDC on April 24 that the newly-created ministry was facing a shortage of vehicles and only one vehicle had been provided by PMDC for the protocol duties of the minister, therefore, more vehicles should be provided. Sources said this demand was not met by the PMDC. The show-cause notice issued to Dr Hassnain contains nine allegations. The charges say the PMDC headquarter was located in Islamabad but he always remained in Lahore and his work suffered heavily.


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