Car theft cases show 50% increase in November


The Islamabad Police seems least bothered over the increasing crime rate in the federal capital as the month of November witnessed an upward trend in car theft, burglary and robbery cases as compared to the corresponding period of last year, Pakistan Today has learnt.
According to police sources, as many as 45 cars were stolen and three other were snatched at gun point from various areas of the federal capital in November. Police records showed a significant increase in car theft cases as during the month of November last year only 30 cases of car theft were reported in different police stations of Islamabad, while in November 2012, cases of car theft had reached up to 48 by registering an increase of 50 percent.
Per data collected by this correspondent from various police stations, a 100 percent increase was registered in robbery cases in November this year, while 95 percent increase was witnessed in burglary cases. In the last month, police registered 30 cases of robbery as compared to 15 cases registered in November last year. Whereas, during the said period the number of burglary cases this year were 22 as compared to 12 cases registered last year. A number of anonymous senior and junior police officers while commenting on the increase in crime rate told Pakistan Today that until and unless the government did not permanently fill the post of Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP), which had been lying vacant since June 2011, with a dedicated officer, the crime rate could not be controlled.
On June 20, 2011 after the transfer of IGP Wajid Khan Durrani, the then Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Operations Bani Amin Khan was given the acting charge of Islamabad IGP and till date he had been holding the post.
“Since Bani Amin Khan is not a permanent IGP, he used to succumb to political pressure in many cases, particularly in the appointment of Station House Officers (SHOs).
When department will appoint SHOs on political basis, then controlling crime can be a daunting task. People at the helm of affairs have been deliberately avoiding posting a permanent IGP. If the Pakistan Peoples Party government wants to control crime, then either Bani Amin Khan should be made the permanent Islamabad IGP or he should be immediately placed with some other officer,” said a senior police officer, who wished not be named.
It is important to note here that majority of police officers appointed in various Islamabad police stations have a tainted past service record but they had still been enjoying lucrative posts. Even a Sub Inspector (SI) named Fazal Rehman had been enjoying the benefits of a SHO post for the last two years at his desired police station namely the Tarnol Police Station, where he was also commanding a few inspector level officers. This influential SI’s illegal appointment to the post was evidence enough to judge the level of transparency with in the police administration.
Talking to Pakistan Today, Islamabad IGP Bani Amin Khan claimed, “Overall crime rate has declined. As far as November is concerned there is an increase in cases of car theft, robbery and burglary cases. Therefore, on the basis of November’s figure alone, the performance of police should not be evaluated.”