Anti-social activities of the society


In every country there are people who work day and night against the basic interests of their countrymen, violate the laws of the land to which they are socially and morally reprehensible. These people say goodbye to universally recognised means of decent livelihood and adopt those which could satisfy their greed of money in the shortest possible time. The desire to be the master of millions of banks notes leads the man to begin a career from which honesty of purpose respect for the laws and customs of the country feeling for the good of others and other moral values have no place.
Anti-social elements are the greatest enemies of their country because they cause harm to its stability by creating conditions and then they derive enormous monetary gains. These agents of lawlessness and enemies of the public trade in contraband goods derive foodstuff and products of the industry underground and create an artificial scarcity of all vital necessaries of life, causing inflation and disrupting the normal life of the people. The contrabands articles are so highly, prized by the moneyed classes that those who trade in then may hope to make a fortune out of them within a matter of days. The activities of these crafty traders are so subtle and well organized that there is hardly any chance of their detection by the ordinary processes of law and if by any means they are caught there is always a way out using unfair means can save them from the clutches of law.
Honesty, patriotism and the voice of conscience are smothered by the power of money which manages to purchase law enforcing machinery. Hoarding of foodstuffs of other articles of daily use which are in great demand and of imported luxury items which fetch high price is an anti-social vice, which unfortunately is spreading like an epidemic which is earning the trading class of our society fabulous profits. If these elements are not weeded out from society, the greed to make more money through channels of illegitimate trade or conduct grows. Moreover, a society where some people are fabulously rich while the majority is suffering from poverty and where education and democratic practices have failed to play their role effectively always breeds unscrupulous effectively elements who show utter disregarded for their countrymen.
It is a herculean task to curb the activities of these anti-social elements of our society. Sermons on the virtues of honesty do not prick the guilty conscience of these hunters of wealth. Law enforcing agencies must take strict action against those who are sowing the seeds of immorality in soil of our civilised society. It also becomes the responsibility of each and every one of us to discourage such elements so that we could provide for our generations.
Another anti-social class of our society consists of those who adulterate foodstuff, manufacture spurious medicines and introduce them in the market. The innocent buyers purchases diseases, ill-health and very often death causing stuff from the market with his hard-earned money. This is what we all have seen in a recent Tyno syrup case. This cough syrup took more than 20 innocent lines. The deceased did not know that they were buying not medicines but their own death. For a civilised society like ours, it’s a shameful act which should be condemned largely and those responsible should be dealt with iron-hands. People who abuse their power or position in order to feather their nest or show undue favours to friends and relations, thereby depriving the deserving people of their legitimate rights may also be included in the list of anti-social elements with a society free of all such vices.