Three die of suffocation in Murree rest house


Three including father and his two children died of asphyxiation due to gas leakage late Saturday night.
According to details, three people including father, son and a daughter slept night in a rest house at Pindipoint locality of Murree turning on the gas heater.
The gas heater turned off due to lack pressure and the gas leakage continued resulting in death of all three persons due to suffocation.
The bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital for medico-legal-requirements.


  1. There was no gas connection in this guest house but how they died is sttill a mystery.Son's death is still not confirmed as mother and son are still in ICU.but any how this is big tragedy as this engineer name Ansar was one of bright engineer of Pakistan and working on major food processing project.Along with this he was caring son of his old parents who were sleeping in adjacent room when he was facing asphyxiation.

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