Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) – First Term Parent Teacher Meeting


The first term Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) of Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) was held at RMS, Wahid Campus F-10/2 Islamabad. This fall, the school started academic PTM with the theme of “Advocating the 3 R’s of Environmental Protection: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Save the Endangered Species on Earth”.
The purpose of the theme was to educate, motivate and inspire the future generation to undo the damage done to the only inhabitable planet in our milky way. The main objective of the event was to increase the awareness of children regarding environmental issues that affected the future of the planet. It also aimed to create awareness among students about the exploitation of the world by humans and reflecting on the unintended damage humanity had caused to nature in the daily course of their lives. Students were inspired to take corrective action to make environmental responsibility a reality.
Welcoming the students and parents, Wahid Campus F-10/2 Principal Erum Atif said, “Parent teacher meetings can play a very important role in a student’s development and academic success by maintaining an open dialogue and comparing notes on the student’s achievements, personality or behavior.”


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