Malik Asif Hayat to be made new FPSC chairman | Pakistan Today

Malik Asif Hayat to be made new FPSC chairman

Decision has been taken to appoint Secretary to President Major (r) Asif Hayat as new chairman of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Former FPSC chairman Justice (r) Rana Bhagwan Das retired from his post on Friday. Source said Hayat, a retired police group official, has resigned as secretary to president to take charge of his new office. The notification of Hayat’s appointment is likely to be issued within next 48 hours. Major (r) Asif Hayat had served as inspector general of police and federal secretary. Following his retirement, he was appointed the secretary to the president.

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  1. Muhammad Javed Khan said:

    Rana Bhagwaan Daas was a great Chairman of FPSC.

    Salute to his honesty and abilities.

    Now Malik Asif Hayat i would say this to u with due respect that kindly follow the merit and rules and law for the appointments. we hope you will never effect the results for the upcoming results of different posts under the supervision of FPSC.

  2. sad kga said:

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  3. Manzoor Lanjar said:

    Mr Asif Hayat, this is a great honour become Chairman of FPSC, where the future of our new generation is connected with. I hope u will pay all ur experience and commitment for this job.

  4. Jason said:

    I am very optimistic that Malik Asif Hayat will do good in his new role. His track record on good service is an open book to everyone. To Malik, may you continue your example as an ideal leader and public servant. Kudos!

  5. Jackson said:

    Thanks for sharing the news. Congratulations to Asif Hayat. Hope he will deliver his best as the chairman of federal public service commission. I follow your site to keep me updated about the news in Pakistan. Keep updating the latest news there. I would love to visit frequently.
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