KESC pledges to restore glory of ‘City of Lights’


Karachi Electric Supply Company, during the closing month of 2012, the Year of Turnaround, has successfully concluded the final phase of its Tameer-e-Nau Management (AZM) conference involving 2,200 officers and management staff and dedicated it to reinforce the common goal to restore Karachi to its former glory as the ‘City Of Lights’. Earlier this year, around 8,600 employees had participated in the first two phases of AZM conference that expressed the unanimous commitment to transform KESC into a truly customer-centric private entity. With the final phase completed, the total number of employees taking part in the AZM conference stood at approximately 10,800. As many as 10 sessions were held during the final phase of this change management conference starting from December 11. The initial three sessions were dedicated to senior officers, next five sessions were aimed at engaging assistant managers and managers, while the final two sessions were mainly reserved for deputy general managers. Asir Manzur, Chief Human Resource Officer, reflected on the objective, implementation and evolution process of “performance management” system in great detail and said that “KESC is a dynamic institution striving to deliver the very best to its customers.” Ghufran Atta Khan, Chief Engagement Officer, said: “The fate of our people rests in our management’s hands, so we must act responsibly while making decisions. We are all responsible for providing the values driven leadership to those who work for us.” Addressing these sessions, Nayyer Hussain, chief distribution officer stated: “It is because of your hard work and continuous dedication that after 18 years we have collectively brought the organisation into profit.” Arshad Zahidi, chief generation and transmission officer, said: “All we need to do is to work with honesty, complete dedication and fairness. We are all equal – we are one but the only thing that differentiates us is the factor of performance and performance alone.” In the concluding session of the Azm conference, KESC CEO Tabish Gauhar said: “Our intent is to see that a fair system is established which allows talent to surface and flourish. It is imperative that we follow principles instead of personalities to ensure on-going growth and sustainability. We want our colleagues not to follow any instructions that violate the law and our guiding principles and policies.”