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Christmas preparations gain speed

Preparations are in full swing across the world, including Pakistan, to mark the great fiesta of Christmas. Christmas preparations include house decorations, planning feasts, purchase of gifts for dear ones and plan for the parties to be held on Christmas.
Decoration of houses had always been an important part of the much awaited festival that also involved indoors and outdoors lighting arrangement, placing a Christmas tree embroidered with different types of ornaments, and exchange of gifts.
On this occasion, gifts would be exchanged with each other, and so would be love and blessings. The bond of oneness would be cemented by the renewal of approach towards life and forgetting old grudges. The Christmas season had been celebrated in different ways around the world, varying according to the country and region.
Elements common to many areas of the world included the lighting of Christmas trees, the hanging of wreaths, Christmas stockings, candy canes, and the creation of nativity scenes depicting the birth of Jesus Christ (PBUH). In Pakistan, the Christians are the second largest minority after Hindus. The community had been celebrating Christmas along with other parts of the world on December 25 with full zeal and fervour.
From decorating trees, exchanging of gifts to cake cutting, the Christian community observed everything to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Christmas preparations would reach its climax with the jingling of bells and singing of hymns at churches at midnight on December 24 saying, “Joy to the world, the Christ is born.”
With the start of December, the Christians had thronged the market places to buy Christmas gifts, Christmas trees and cakes. The markets had witnessed increased activity as customers completed last minute shopping. Meanwhile, the administrators of churches were finalising arrangements to celebrate the great festivity to the fullest. Churches in this regard were being washed and decorated with buntings and Christmas trees. The bakery points were also being decorated with Christmas cakes and many more eatables.
Carol singing, an old Christmas tradition, would also take place over many days. The old carolers would follow the old ways and take their lanterns while walking and singing till late at night and then coming home with cold-nipped faces.
The main gatherings in connection with the Christmas day would be held in different cities of the country including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar besides different cities of the Punjab province where the community had been living in large numbers.

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