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Prince Harry to serve food to junior soldiers on X-mas

Prince Harry will swap roles for a day after telling fellow troops in Afghanistan that he will be dishing out their Christmas lunch this year.
The 28-year-old Royal has offered to take centre stage by carving a huge turkey and dishing up sprouts to hundreds of junior soldiers at Camp Bastion, the Mirror reported.
Harry wants to follow in a long-standing tradition of officers treating lower ranks to their meal on Christmas Day.
The third in line to the throne will plate up the meal to the camp’s 9,200 servicemen and women. “There is a tradition where officers serve junior ranks their Christmas meal and Harry is determined to play his part,” a Royal Family source said.
Afterwards Harry will sit with comrades at trestle tables and tuck into the feast cooked by military chefs- who get up at 4:30am to start preparing.
Some 3.5 tonnes of turkey, 2.5 tonnes of potatoes and a tonne of sprouts have been delivered to the Helmand base.
There will be 18,000 mince pies, 150 cases of Christmas pud and 60,000 After Eight mints for dessert.

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