PPP’s performance commendable: PM


The performance of Pakistan People’s Party is commendable and the fact that it has been successful in completing its term is a proof of peoples’ love, Prime Minister Raja Parvaiz Ashraf said on Friday.
In a speech at the launch of the book, “Reconciliation‚ Reforms and Revival: Four Years of Democratic Government”, the Prime Minister said the PPP government has been able to complete its tenure despite the frequent deadlines being given for its fall by mischief mongers.
“The government artfully dealt with the menace of terrorism. We imported 2.6 million tonnes of wheat, which helped Pakistan regain its status as a wheat exporting country and the salaries of government employees have been increased by 150 percent during the present government’s tenure,” the prime minister said.
He added that the people were now politically mature and would help the PPP win the next general elections keeping in mind its achievements.