Mirwaiz urges international community to shun double standards on Kashmir


All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Friday asked the international community to shun double standards in solving the Kashmir issue which had been lingering since the past 65 years and solve it per the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.
He expressed these views while delivering a lecture on Resolution of Kashmir Issue in the New Geo-Political Environment at the National Defence University (NDU). “When the international community is solving Afghanistan, Middle East and other issues then why are there double standards on Kashmir which is just a cause of the Kashmiri people,” he asked.
He categorically stated that people of Kashmir were determined to continue their struggle for freedom until a logical conclusion of the dispute. Mirwaiz made it clear that “our struggle is not against the Indian people or the state but the thinking behind the world’s largest democratic country which is not sincere and serious in giving rights to the people of Kashmir”.
The Hurriyat leader praised the steps taken by Pakistan in solving the issue, saying that Kashmiris, being the core stakeholders, should be included in any kind of talks between the two countries on the issue. “Pakistan has always talked about the Kashmir issue. They are committed for the referendum and dialogue per the aspirations of Kashmiris. Pakistan’s support for the Kashmir cause is always unconditional,” Mirwaiz said. He said he was overjoyed with the fact that during his visit to Pakistan, every single party and person of Pakistan assured him of complete support to the Kashmiris which he said was very encouraging. Mirwaiz termed development on the issue pragmatic, saying that in terms of constantly changing geo-political environment, they were optimistic that the problem would definitely be solved per the Kashmiris’ wishes.
He said there were two main things known as the aspirations of Kashmiris and their grievances, adding that India was focusing on the second part and totally ignoring the first one.


  1. There are no double standards, Clown. Your underdeveloped reasoning and a thinking polluted by religion is preventing you from seeing the writing on the wall.
    When you can kick out Kashmiri Pandits from their homes, because you are in majority, what emotions or sense of justice you showed ? Kashmiris have their rights, but Kashmiri Muslims can keep complaining all their lives. Anyways, Muslims are complaining against every Non-muslim majority country and any reason is enough.
    You speak on behalf of Kashmiri Muslims living in the valley, not on behalf of Kashmiris in general. Plus there are Budhists in Ladhakh and Hindus and Sikhs in Jammu. You do not represent them.
    Tell your masters that their nefarious Islamic dreams, disguised under whatever cover, will never be allowed to be fullfilled. You can go and settle there.. and take your Kashmiri Muslims also with you….No land or river is going with you.

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