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Legally SBP cannot associate itself with National Games: Mashood

The Sports Board Punjab in light of the Supreme and High Court decisions regarding the implementation of the National Sports Policy cannot associate itself with the National Games as it’s the hosts the Punjab Olympics Association has yet to clear its legal status.
There is a legal ambiguity on the status of the PbOA so the Punjab government cannot extend any support until certain legal issues are clear.
Addressing a press conference here at the conference hall of the National Hockey Stadium, Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan, deputy speaker and chief organizer sports, said that they have asked the PbOA to postpone the games until January and let them seek the legal opinion from the law secretary and the attorney general so that the Games are conducted in a befitting manner. Usman Anwar, Director General Sports and Youth Affairs Punjab was also present on the occasion. “It would have been a much better organized event even bigger than the Punjab Youth Festival. But legally there is no legitimate status of several issues in the light of the court ruling,” he said.
The Punjab Olympics Association did not have any legal authority in the organization of the holding of the 32 National Games in wake of the Supreme Court order regarding the implementation of the National Sports Policy.
“Its something else and legally it should not be called the National Games. We have sought the legal opinion but till then they should not hold the games and let there be a clearer picture.
“There status is dubious because several of the federations and even the armed forces are not taking part in the games,” he said. He said: “Athletic, basketball, badminton cycling, gymnastic, judo, kabbadi, netball federations and the Islamabad Olympic Association have shown reservation and are staying away from the games.“ He further said that not only the forces but the Pakistan Sports Board also has reservations on the legality of the associations holding the National Games. “We requested them not to announce the date as yet and push it to January. But they are insisting that they would go ahead with the holding of the games.
“We have always kept the rule of law supreme. We were ready to extend all out support but in the wake of the Supreme Court decisions we need to have legal opinion. “We even planned to hold 16 remaining World Records during the National Games but the Olympics Association is showing stubbornness,” he maintained.
“Punjab Government under the vision of Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif is taking every possible measure for the overall development of sports and sports structure. Sports are being revived through a number of landmark activities including Punjab Youth Festival and most significantly Punjab International Sports Festival,” he added.
“Never before such number of sports events and activities were carried out and so far events organized have set new benchmarks in the history of sports besides portraying a soft image of the country in the prevailing situation.
“We even asked them to make the National Games part of the Festival but they are continuously showing stubbornness,” he said.
“The impression being given that SBP is reluctant to lend support is a baseless propaganda and a negative campaign against an institution whose services are known to everyone. “But we should not violate the law. It should be kept supreme,” he said.

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