December 21 proved doomsday for Latif Khosa only, says Nisar


National Assembly Opposition Leader Nisar Ali Khan on Friday said the onus of predictions made by astrologists about December 21 being the doomsday landed on Punjab governor Sardar Latif Khosa, as the day actually proved a day of judgment for him alone. “The burden of the forecast made by the astrologists about December 21 as the Day of Judgment fell on governor Latif Khosa and this day virtually became doomsday for him,” he said while talking to reporters during a press conference. He went on to say that the rulers have had become awfully confused due to their bad governance and were taking hasty steps to escape the wrath of people, but these would provide them no political mileage. “By giving the governorship of Punjab to Makhdoom Syed Ahmad Mehmood, they can neither compensate the injustices done to people of South Punjab and Sindh during the last five years, nor can they try to change the political vision of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional.” “In consultation with other opposition parties, we will demand a change of governors in all four provinces when the polls get closer, as they all have been appointed on political basis. Following the passage of the 18th Amendment, no one can retain public office if any one among his relatives is electoral candidate,” he held. Addressing a news conference at the NA later, the opposition leader rejected the government’s claims of getting passed ‘The investigation of Fair Trial Bill 2012’ unanimously from the National Assembly, saying the bill was not adopted unanimously but on basis of majority in the House.