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Shops on The Mall to have one signboard only

Changing of signboards on The Mall has started under the Dilkash Lahore project. From Anarkali to Regal, more than a hundred boards have been removed and the work is expected to be completed soon, Pakistan Today has learnt.
During the first phase, the city district government has removed boards of Subway, Bata and Ensari and only a single board will be allowed from now on. Under the project, which aims to restore the facade of historical buildings in the city, around 50 historical buildings on The Mall will be showcased which had been hidden behind large billboards.
The Mall is divided into four zones, from Alfalah Chowk to Hall Road, Regal Chowk to High Court, High Court to Queens Road and from Queens Road to Anarkali. Different designs have been procured for each zone, keeping in mind the buildings located on each stretch. Mall Road, which is 8 km long, holds significant historical and cultural value as most of the buildings lining the road are a collection of Mughal and colonial architecture.
According to an official of the Dilkash Lahore Committee; “The sizes of the boards will be the same but the designing may be different. This is only because we want to maintain the beauty of the city and exhibit its historical value. There are many historical buildings located in the city, especially on The Mall”.
Officials added that no shop will be allowed to keep coloured signs. Shops will be allowed to display their names or advertise their brands in a certain style and format only.
On the other hand, shopkeepers have shown anger against removal of their billboards. They are not appreciative of the notices, which they are bound to follow.
A shopkeeper talking to Pakistan Today said; “We are unhappy about the notices, particularly because they do not tell us what the new guidelines are. We do not accept the notices and would resist”.

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