Respect of the court


“I do not want the sanctity of the court to be violated and I do not want to pursue the path of confrontation.” This statement by MQM’s leader Altaf Hussain is a pleasant sign in the political sky of Pakistan. This statement should not be taken merely as a collection of words, but this is and it should be the outlook of every mature and seasoned politician. Only fertile nations can have such ideas about their judiciary and legal system. It is the duty of all the politicians, the lawyers, the armed forces and the citizens of Pakistan to follow the suit of the civilised nations of the world in this respect.
The Islamic civilisation which had its profound and established legal system was also based on such golden principles. This is the major factor behind the progress of the civilised nations of today, and this is the
secret of the uniqueness of the said Islamic civilisation. Because the societies in which the judges and the teachers enjoy respect, prestige and honour, make progress by leaps and bounds.