Pagara asks Makhdoom to resign from party post


The Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) leader Imtiaz Sheikh on Friday said that his party chief Pir Pagara expressing annoyance with the party’s Punjab president Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood for accepting the post of governor offered by the PPP leadership has asked him to resign from the party post.
Talking to a private TV channel, Imtiaz Sheikh said Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood called on his party chief Pir Paghara pertaining to Punjab governor post. He said Pir Pagara asked Makhdoom Ahmed to leave the party post.
He said his party chief was of the opinion that the Functional-League had disassociated with the PPP coalition government on its principled stance and the party could not revise its decision.
He said that Makhdoom Ahmad’s acceptance of Punjab governorship was his personal decision.


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    • Jehangir Tareen of PTI is also from same group. he is brother in law of Makhdoon Ahmad Mahmood. Is hammammain sab nangey hain.

    • IK change means change of 100 rupees in 100 coins not reevaluation change.What kind of change one can expect from jehnagir taren, mukhdoom quershi or mukhdoom hasmi or Khurhsid asoori.
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  2. Asif zardari is a great politician ,he has played a master stroke.ppp is very likely to win next elections

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