P&T Gym outplay Tauseef Club


P&T Gykhnana, has become H group Champion of LCCA Super Cricket League when they outplay Tauseef Club by 133 runs played Iteefaq Hospital ground on Tuesday. Fine batting by Baber Manzoor, Tayab tahir(P&T Gym) and 2nd Hatric by Awais Manzoor (Tauseef Club) were the main feature of the match. Earlier Awais Manzoor has also awarded Hatric against East Zone Whites in LCCA League.
Scores: P&T Gym 264/7 in 40 overs. Baber Manzoor 87, Tayab Tahir 73, M Asim 25, HAseeb ur Rehman 21, Ali Manzoor 16, Waqas Ahmed 14. Awais MAnzoor 3/26(including Hatric), Sheraz Baig 2/59, Waqas Khan 1/42, Sher Baz Khan 1/48.
Tauseef Club 131 all out in 35.5 overs. Shehzad Muhayudin 28, ISrar Baig 20, Ibrar Baig 19, sher Baz Khan 18, Waqas Khan 10, Awais Manzoor 10. Rohail ALi 2/29, Ali Manzoor 2/16, HAseeb ur Rehman 2/9, Wajid 1/28, Babaer Manzoor 1/8.