Malala is runner up as Time declares Obama Person of the Year


“Even as she quietly recovers, her story has lit a fire,” says Time magazine while declaring 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai as runner up on its list which declared US President Barack Obama as Person of the Year. The magazine says Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where Malala is getting treatment for the bullet injuries from the Taliban attack in October, has been flooded with gifts and cards from all over the world and donations now totalling $13,700. “Malala also now has numerous powerful supporters, including a group of well-connected people like Megan Smith, a vice president at Google, and Mark Kelly, an astronaut and the husband of former Congresswoman and shooting survivor Gabby Giffords, who have helped established the Malala Fund, which will offer grants to organizations and individuals working in education. The plan is for Malala, when she’s better, to sit on the board along with her father and make decisions about who should receive the grants.”


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      I think Mala is real and genuine — she is great …
      But there are dramatists around who wants traction (for themselves) off her name …

  1. Y'all fools, god damn it 7000 pakistani soldiers took a bullet in the name of country and another 48000 got killed in war of terrorism but she gets the title not just that her dad is awarded as assistant to united nation advisory cherry on top a numerous programs in the name of mallala don't that ring your bells or even raise ur eye brow a little.

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