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LESCO officials shock electricity thieves in fresh crackdown

In a fresh crackdown against electricity theft in the city, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) officials raided different areas lying in their respective circles and identified many houses involved in stealing electricity.
Per reports, officials of four sub-divisions in the city caught a total of 112 electricity thieves involved in using electricity theft methods including tempering with and reversing electricity metres, direct hooking and shunting in the last month.
On the orders of LESCO Gulberg Division XEN Altaf Chaudhary, Garden Town SDO Sana Muhammad, Liberty Market SDO Malik Bilal, SDO Shujha and other officials carried out an operation and caught 14 electricity thieves in their respective circles.
Officials said that they have charged a detection bill amounting to Rs 500,000 from the offenders.
Similarly, on the orders of Samanabad Division Additional SE Anwar Naseem Qureshi, LESCO officials caught 65 electricity thieves from different areas of Samanabad. Later First Investigation Reports (FIRs) were launched against 18 electricity thieves, while Rs 100,000 in fines were also recovered from them.
Moreover, on the directions of XEN Tahir Mayo, the Kotlakhpat Division officials caught 16 people who were stealing electricity directly from low tension wires. Other LESCO sub-divisions including Bilal Ganj and Kila Muhammadi also witnessed raids from LESCO officials where17 people were caught stealing electricity. The officials recovered Rs 60, 00,000 detention bills from the offenders.
LESCO officials informed that the company was facing huge losses due to electricity thefts.

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  1. Amer said:

    wow !

    such efficient people must be rewarded, but first i would like to ask this reporter if you really want to show their capability and honesty then first ask these officials to declare their assets and compare them with what they had when they joined this company.

    i hope you will find how much efficent they are in reality………………………..

  2. Hamid Khan said:

    People cant steal elecricity without collaboration of officials of this company. Also catching these people is not a big deal. They should go after politician and other inflencial people who have habit of not paying any thing for anything at all. Example is Hina Rabbani Khar who owes milllions to these companies.

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