NEC approves 69 projects worth Rs 658 bn


The National Economic Council’s (NEC) executive committee considered 74 development projects and has approved 69 projects that would cost Rs 658 billion for the duration of April 2011 to March 2012.

The executive committee deferred five projects under review. “The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) took up 224 development projects, approved 148 projects returned 23 projects, and recommended 53 projects to the NEC for approval from April 2011 to March 2012”, said a senior Planning Commission official.

He said the CDWP had approved three projects in the agriculture sector, one project in the sports sector, five projects in the education sector, 16 projects in the energy sector, one in forest and wild-life, six schemes for governance, 10 for health, 21 projects for higher education, one for information technology, 8 for industries and commerce, four for mass media, three projects for manpower, 29 projects in physical planning, two for population welfare, three for science and technology, 19 projects for transport and communication, and 16 projects for water resources.

The NEC had approved one project for the agriculture sector, six projects for devolution and area development, one for education, ten projects for the energy sector, one for governance, two for the health sector, three for higher education, two for information technology, two for industries and commerce, one for manpower, one for physical planning and housing, one scheme for population welfare, one for science and technology, 27 projects for transport and communication, and 10 projects had been approved for water resources.

The CDWP had approved the highest number of projects including 21 schemes for physical planning and housing as the cost of Rs 1,1621.620 million, followed by 16 projects for the energy sector at a cost of Rs 8,688.672 million, 21 projects for higher education that would cost

Rs 12,567.720 million, 19 projects in transport and communication at the cost of Rs 10,179.600 million and 16 projects for water resources that would cost Rs 6,604.359 million.

The NEC had approved the highest number of projects including 10 projects for the energy sector that would cost Rs 67,665.353 million, 10 project for water resources sector at the cost of

Rs178,964.984 million and 27 projects for transport and communication that would cost Rs 233,566.400 million.