Local medical centre unveils line of cosmetic skin treatments


Almost every change in a girl’s body is accompanied by a fresh outbreak of zits. However there is more to acne than just a bad skin condition. The skin gets irritated by the even slightest of change in the environment – you always feel like scratching the ugly things off your face – and end up scaring children. The 20’s – a time of youth and freshness, a time which is now spent fretting over how pimples leave spots and how new ones are erupting with an overwhelming enthusiasm. By the time your acne leaves your youth has left with it. You know you’ll never look 21 again. The years have been wasted on atrocious little zits.
Amidst this chaos and misery, a ray of hope, by the name of Halcyon, unravels a new line of skin treatments designed by Dr Osman Bashir Tahir. For those with lighter burdens, there is Hydrafacial, which is an excellent monthly skin treatment to keep pores clean, remove blackheads as well as white heads, prevents spots, and reveals smooth skin. The session takes around 15 to 25 minutes only. Some women are unfortunately left to deal with unwanted facial hair. However laser treatment for chin hair, sideburns and those unsightly hair on upper lips– all taken care of in 6 to 8 sessions. Halcyon also has a Chiroxy Cream for more generic problems. It is a fantastic moisturiser to relieve dry, scaly skin during cold winter days. Made in Belgium and found available only at Halcyon, this is an oxygenating cream which is based on nanosome technology to penetrate the skin and to add moisture to plump and hydrate skin.