Basant kites may adorn Lahore skies again


After a lapse of almost six years, the Punjab government is showing intent to revive the festival of Basant.
A meeting of Lahore Dilkash Committee project headed by former Justice Khalil Ramday, held a special meeting here the other day to work out a plan as how best the festival could be held. There were indications that the provincial government would allow the observance of the Basant festival next year to win the sympathies of fun loving Lahoris.
Some years ago the use of lethal chemical dor (twine) and ruthless gun fire resorted to by a handful of criminal minded people had caused deaths of many innocent people, mainly children. The scenario forced the government to ban the festival by disallowing manufacturing of kites and their sale. Later, the Lahore High Court (LHC) in a suo motu action had supported the official ban imposed on the traditional festival. Of late there had been voices coming in support of observing Basant while asking the government that the use of chemical twine and weapons for aerial firing should be checked by the law enforcing agencies, which would allow tens of thousands of common citizens to observe the festival.
Kite manufacturing and twine making had been the sources of livelihood of thousands of families who were entirely associated with this cottage level industry.
Since these families did not have any alternate occupation other than manufacturing kites and twines, the government was now contemplating to find a viable solution to enable the celebration of the Basant festival next year.


  1. The irrelevant Dilkash Committee will first rename Basant and have it called "Aazaad Adliya Day" then they will consult with 500 people as to why it should be re-named, then they will face so much opposition that they will decide that they should call it "Jashn-e-Baharran" Useless people, useless sarkaar, useless judge saab! Bring back the glory of Lahore! Bring back Salmaan Taseer!!!!

  2. What has happend to my Lahore,marah dil.None of this use to happen,no chemical dor,no flying kites with wires and stuff.It was BASANT then and it should be BASANT today.Yes people would shoot guns in the air,yes people would die because of it but more people die due to the stupidity of medical staff and doctors everyday then from firing during basant,look I'm not saying its ok to shoot guns and kill people,what I'm saying is that we need to promote safety and people need to understand that if they want to bring basant back,they'll have to give up the stupid guns,play by the rules(no chemicals).And what is this about the chemical dor,in my days in Lahore Pakistan,I remember I think it was the #5 dor PINNA 12 goat and few others.Bring the glory days back to Pakistan and please PML-N please don't make a mess out of this basant campaign,its not a political issue,its a social issue that has been around over few lifetimes.

  3. This is happening beacuase election is near. If they don't allow they will not get vote from kite flying people. All election stunts!!!! Bohat hi zalim hai PMLN 6 saal tak awam ki khahishun ka galla khunta hai is nay!!!! I will never vote for PMLN.

    • calm down brother PML(N) is a great party one time you take him your luckly vote than you will see that how they use his aurtherise ap ko un ka ye amal buhat bura laga but ap nay un k itny achy kiye howy kam ko dekh ker bhi undekha ker diya so think positive PLEASE……….

  4. Very true. its political stunt. No feeling what is general people desire. It started as political issues my Mayor Amir and now PML wants to use it for on his own favour. Where was these people in last 5 years. Once they get their desire results they will again apply ban on it.

    Instead of Basant we need leadership who can address general people. Rest will follow as per people desire.

  5. Basant should be celebarted after taking precautionery measures.Government to allocate some space out of city for certain time.

  6. basant honi chey ple is k elwa koi or entertainment ni hi pakistan asle par pabandi honi chey. or do din ke makaml choty hony chey . is man arbon dollar ka busniess hota hi.

  7. ha tu maze ka festival but is se nuqsan bht hota ha jan ka b or mal ka b per govr ko chahye k khuch asa plan kre k jis se nuqsan na kisi ka b jan ka

    • Dear All,

      Lot of my fellows comments above regarding Basant_, some positive as well as negative but one things is very clear_ "its Lahoires Culture" pls don't vote to any one in terms of Basant_whether its open or not_ Vote is totally depended on their works, image building, who is best for Pakistan_

      I liked Patang Bazi _ Not Basant_

  8. month of feb only make for basant and without basant no charm in life no color in life pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give the permission of basant 2013.


  10. basanttttttttttttt laazmi honi chahiy….cm ko chahiy 1 din ky liy bikes pr pabndi lga dain and is saal lazmi basant honi chahiy or chemical or Firing pr ban kr dain

  11. yar guys basant honi chaheya honi chaeya kun ky is sy hamry mulk my turism barta ha or hamray mulk my puri duniya sy looog atty ha basant manany? or jahan tak marny ka sawal ha sb ny ek marna lazmi ha bashak wo basant py maray ya phr kisi or tariky sy..

  12. it should be….its Pakistan revenue .people come from across the world for this big festival .misshapes are always in any play ….why don't we stop motor bike because people do one willy and can be a very big risk for whole AWAMM…….??? same like in kite flying all players are not using chemical and all can be handled very easily ………what activity we have by the way?? At least people stay at roofs ….. it was a game ….we should support it….I SUPPORT THIS EVENT .

  13. nothing to do in this city of Lahore now……….no water no gas…no petrol ….cng ….electricity ,,,,,we don't even have basics of life's……..and at the end not even a activity …… least I will not allow my kids to go in grounds …..on public places……for GOD sake open basanat event …..very healthy entertainment …our culture …..

  14. i want the attention of CM of punjab to look into basant festivle that has been celebrated all over the pakistan except Lahore. Look the patiance of lahories, there is no aggitation, no any types of remarks. Please allow them to celebrate their traditional festivle. Thanks

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  17. Listen guys !

    Jab lahore ya kisi dusre shehr mein dhamaka hota hain toh pura hafta hafta bazaar band rehty hain toh kia yea aik din basant ko nahi de skte koi b pml ko vote mat dena agr diya toh bhool jana k kabhi basant hogi it’s my request all of yOu plz koi bhi mnl ko vote mat dena or agr aap chahte ho basant ho toh sab noojawaan akthe ho jao or supreme court k bahir ja kr hartaal kro agr chahte ho basant ho iss terha chhat pr roz char kr kehty rehna basant nahi ho rahi iss sy basant nahi hogi kuch kro toh phir hi basant hogi mujhy khud bhi kites ka bht shoq hain meri jaan hain ghudiya patang bazi yar plz kuch kro yea festival ko aisy jane mat do plz

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