Treason petition against Malik filed in SC


A petition was filed against Interior Minister Rehman Malik at the Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court on Tuesday requesting the court to try him for treason under articles 5 and 6 of the constitution.

The petition alleged that taxpayers’ money was used for his recent visit to India and for offering hospitality to the family of Sarabjit Singh.

According to a private television channel, the petitioner had called for the recovery of the expenses incurred on Malik’s tour, stating that the funds utilised for the tour were spent from the national treasury therefore, should be returned by the interior minister.

The petition also claimed that Malik caused great embarrassment to the people of Pakistan by announcing that visas would be granted to family members of the jailed Indian spy, Sarabjit Singh, who was allegedly responsible for the deaths of a large number of Pakistanis.

The petition added that the interior minister vowed to extend hospitality to Singh’s family, which was detrimental to national interests.

Moreover, the petition maintained the stance that the initiatives taken in India between the Indian delegation and Malik were illegal.