The tattooed body


The attack on the Peshawar airport on the evening of the last weekend by the so-called terrorists of TTP is perhaps a cover story. The responsibility claimed by Mr Ehsanullah Khan, the so-called spokesperson of TTP, is also perhaps a cover up by the masterminds. Whatever our celebrated interior minister says is, like always, a pack of lies.
Now the cat is out of the bag. The tattooed body of one of the terrorists killed reveals many things. The most important fact that comes out is that he is not part of TTP as not many Muslims make such tattoos on their bodies. This particular shape of tattoo shows that he belonged to some special/secret organisation. It can be found out or may be that our agencies already know it.
Now the government should have courage to announce who were the attackers. It may also give lead to as to who attacked the Mehran base or Kamra base or GHQ or even the attacker of Malala. If CIA and Blackwater are involved in all such episodes, we should come out clearly without any reservations.
We all remember that once Rehman Malik, the interior minister, announced that if any member of Blackwater was found in Pakistan, he would resign. He definitely knows the existence of CIA and Blackwater operatives in Pakistan who are doing all these nefarious activities to destabilise Pakistan. He is responsible to give cover to CIA agents when caught. We have not forgotten the case of Raymond Davis who was let free by our interior minister against the wishes of the entire nation. Malik sahib, show some guts and resign. You have miserably failed as the interior minister.