Political pillars


It’s to no surprise that politics has wayward the foundations of this homeland. Outlawed moves had been tricked into the already adverse scenario of Pakistan — so brazen have they been. Not to ignore, Pakistan up holds much contribution of the political pillars. Some tall, some short, witty heads or impulsive, vibrantly dominant or the men in uniform, strongest pillars of Pakistan politics have given in their contributions by transcending their confidence into the nation.
Some pillars remain irreplaceable, truly genuine — Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan and his dream to transform this country to not be merely a piece of land but to be developed into one nation — liberal progressive Pakistan. Today, sadly, we stand far away from the road that leads towards the accomplishment of Jinnah’s Pakistan.
Jinnah needs no words to be described; ironically, we find no words to describe his ideologies, contributions and staunch faith either. Jinnah’s belief has continued to transcend into the leaders of this nation, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto — a thinking soul and symbol of intellectualism craved his name on the list of Pillars of Pakistan. “roti, kapraaurMakaan” from basic to the top notch, has certainly contributed his vision to Pakistan.
Many leaders may occupy a small chuck of memory into the cockles of our minds, but their exuberant passion for the nation owns the chambers of our hearts. Bhutto legacy of democrats sprawls till date. They may look and behave different but think the same being a strong pillar, from Benazir Bhutto to her widower husband — never threw up their terms.
Exiled by men in uniform, turbulent waves tried to shake their depth and tricks failed to help their opponents, but the smooth motor way drives them through the hard times, Sharif family — twice chosen by the hearts of Pakistan contributed galore to the democracy, progress and development of Pakistan. Contribution of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif is written in golden words who are serving till date to meet the mounting demands of the people.
Pakistan never falls reluctant in welcoming the change, change of the thoughts, ideas, and efficaciously effective efforts as long they are designed to set new records of progress. Imran khan —shift in the gear, from winning us the world cup to pulling over the massive crowds to his political rallies becomes a happening pillar in the Pak politics. This change to set Pakistan up in a robust manner is on its way.
Bevy of the pillars of Pakistan politics shall never end in vain for their contributions galore, the devoid of vanity and benevolence towards the nation governed them in a selfless manner. Foray into the politics, conveyed eloquently, perhaps be ravenous for success but never for the life of their own people are the pillars of Pak politics. Today, Pakistan dwells on the state of instability and requires a leadership like never before which can reunite the nation and help it fight through the difficult times.


  1. very well written………Pakistan needs great leadership like Imran Khan,
    @momo khan very impressive piece

  2. the political reforms can be seen only if we bring reform within our 5 to 6 feet structure.

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