Bill for free medical, rehabilitation support of acid victims tabled


The National Assembly on Tuesday admitted a private member bill proposing free medical and psycho-social rehabilitation of acid and burns victims.

“The Acid Throwing and Burn Crime Bill 2012” was introduced by Pakistan Muslim League member Attiya Inayatullah who said the parliament had passed a bill to punish perpetrators of acid throwing but a law to provide medical and rehabilitation services to the victims was lacking.

She said the bill relates to the ICT Administration as implementation had been devolved to provinces after 18th amendment.

The bill has proposed the establishment of an Acid and Burn Crime Monitoring Board under the interior secretary to ensure effective implementation of the law, to undertake research and propose a mechanism to curb crime. It also proposes setting up a fund that will collect funds from the Bait-ul-Maal, provincial or local authorities, international donors and NGOs.

According to the bill, victims would be provided free accommodation and sustenance, and the government would take responsibility of the victims’ dependents.

The bill has been referred to a standing committee for further consideration.