• No problem,you are are all time welcome to hear such bright extempore comments from my ( at least I can give guarantee on my behalf) moronic brain

      • u got an excellent brain and to my opinion excellence is best judged in extempore expressions . I think everywhere around the world this phenomenon of a few making the fool out of masses is at work. Just a few Jews, for instance, have a tight grip over US policies. The so called champions of Human Rights ( as the US claims to be) conveniently turn a blind eye on Zionist atrocities against poor Palestinians. While on the other hand as far as i could read US public opinion, it is not in favor of Israel. The US public largely sees Israel as an aggressor and a burden on US tax payers money. But the hawkish US administration, disregarding the mass sentiment, dances on the Israeli tunes because the Jews provide a large chunk of money to the US Presidents for election campaign. Tony Blair and his cronies fooled the British public over Iraq War by telling blatant lies as to the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Indian Military and Politicians are the biggest hurdle in solving Kashmir issue. And so forth and so on.

          • Ur statement is a classic case of Wishful thinking!!!!! Pakistan is here to stay : U need to come to terms with this reality. The sooner the better. Ok ??????

        • I always emphasized on simple summaries of all aggravated or integrated problems so that it could be conceived to mediocre minds through repetitive dosing..You are quite right that majority public hate this war culture any where or near to them but few who acts as marketing agents of war industry actually promotesuch hatred culture where they make war as last solution of all problems.Ultimately the winners are these war industry owner and violence is left for general public.So there is need of grouping strong mature minds on global level to take stand against all kind of aggressions.Groups are working in small and disorganized manner but collective efforts of millions who are actual sufferers not seen on larger scale.

  1. First of all gr8 humor by artist, nice work. Secondly by looking at the replies posted i realized as a nation we have less and less tolerance for any word of opinion. What ensue after is that we are at each other throats missing main topic of discussion. Gents and Ladies plzzzz! keep ur good self focused on main topic which was portray by the artist.
    By the way i love tattoos, and in other discussion on ET, i did mentioned about Tattoo related to Russian mafia and jail systems. Please avoid folly of pin pointing at each other just focus topic under discussion.
    I love tattoos and i have huge tattoo on my chest, would that make me demonic or what!

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