Anarchy rules


All systems have collapsed in Pakistan, even civil society organisations and NGOs have failed to deliver. Rats are reigning in hospitals and poison is being openly sold at medical stores. There is no check, no accountability. It is free for all, criminals go scot free, law abiding population is suffering. If this is not anarchy, then what is? The powerful are busy in looting national resources and assets as if there is no tomorrow. Where is governance? NGO funds are being spent on hefty salaries, fancy offices, parties and designer dresses of executives. Who should the underprivileged look up to? Is it Doom’s Day scenario? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?


  1. I do not agree with the thought that all systems hane collapsed,.The systems have not collapsed. Some thing must be working . that is why we exist, All the things are not bad. There is gleamer of hope present. We must not give up, continue to work, work and work.
    We will come out of this better and bigger, We should keep t he hope alive.

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