US support takes Pakistani dried mango products to int’l markets


USAID through its Firms Project has shipped samples of dried mango products, including dried mango slices, mango leather, and mango candy, from Punjab to the US. Another sample shipment had been sent to Hague, Netherlands, where the commercial section of the Pakistani Embassy would distribute the products to the local markets. The estimated revenues from potential export orders were found to be around USD 200,000. Through its Firms Project, the USAID had been helping to strengthen Pakistan’s dried mango production, exports, and revenues. Currently, the project was working with four private sector processing units and mango farms in southern Punjab and Sindh to scale up the production of dried mangoes at industrial level.


  1. Training are beneficial only when the participants retain information and use it effectively in their areas. the objective doesn’t end with the training programs and sessions but USAID and other funding organizations should also keep the track of the trainees who have been given the opportunity to implement the knowledge and skills to their specific areas.

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