Nigeria air crash kills Kaduna governor


The governor of Nigeria’s Kaduna state was killed in a helicopter crash in the southern delta region along with other senior officials, Nigerian media reported on Sunday.
Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa and former national security adviser Gen Owoye Azazi were on the helicopter which came down in Bayelsa state.
Nigerian media said the helicopter belonged to the Nigerian navy and had been taking officials to Port Harcourt.
Nigeria has a poor air safety record, analysts say.
In March a police helicopter carrying a high-ranking police official crashed in the central city of Jos, killing four people.
“The nation has lost a great patriot who in about two years in saddle as the Governor of Kaduna State demonstrated an unyielding capacity in wielding together varying fragile interests,” the Peoples Democratic Party said in a statement.
Kaduna, in northern Nigeria, is a volatile region with a mixed population of Muslims and Christians. The Islamist militants of Boko Haram have frequently targeted Kaduna churches.


  1. Nigerians have rejected the man who is the Prophet of Africa (T.B. Joshua). Until you factor him in your nation agenda, you shall be missing more of God's favour.
    ASINOR – Ghana.

    • Pls did the man of God talked about Governor yakowa,s dead? i mean propht TB Joshua oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Fear God no matter who u are, the position u occupied and u wealth. Yakowo has come and gone. tomorrow might be u. WHAT WIL U BE REMEMBERED 4.

  3. It’s a pity we loose such our big brothers.
    Nigeria should learn how to respect little things. The govt might frown cos big personalities are involved, what about millions of Nigerians dieing due to bad roads.

  4. It is really heart breaking after all that has happened this year,so many lives have been lost. I pray that our country’s story will change for good.

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