Murree falls into gentle slumber under a white blanket of snow


As the first snowfall of the season silently fell on the hills of Murree, people belonging to different walks of life started travelling towards the popular hill station to enjoy the blissful environment.
According to reports, soft layers of snow have entirely covered the Mall Road and people were witnessed using the opportunity to take long walks up and down the road in the company of loved ones.
While a large number of people were seen flocking towards the popular hill station after receiving news of the snowfall, the snow had entirely covered the roads leading to Murree and other hilly areas, thus causing problems to the citizens.
Meanwhile, traffic police wardens were busy helping the visiting tourists by removing road blocks and controlling the flow of traffic.
“We belong to Punjab and we have especially come to Murree to enjoy the bliss of this beautiful weather”, said a visitor.
“The Motorway Police have been very cooperative with us and have guided us through the entire situation that has been created because of blockage due to heavy snow fall,” said another tourist from Lahore.
“There are awesome sceneries here and it feels like we are in heaven “, said a young girl while enjoying the weather with family and friends. Meanwhile tourists were seen admiring the British era Tudor and neo-gothic or Victorian Gothic style of architecture in Murree, and were enthralled by the mystery and fairy-tale magic surrounding the buildings.
The heavy snow fall of the current season was not only a cause of joy for tourists but was also creating many opportunities for the locals to earn some money while the fun lasts.